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This is a space where SESI team members and guests will be welcome to express ourselves, share learnig experiences and spread the love for restorative change in our communities and our planet.

As part of Plastic Free July, we start our publications by introducing SESI's own Anna Pitt, who works with the brilliant Zero Waste Week. Needless to say, we are very gratedul to Anna for her incredible energy, wholistic intelligence and commitment to show us how living ethically can become more accesible to everyone. Anna is our local Oxfordshire Zero Waste writer, speaker and blogger. She also runs workshops and sometimes you will find her at SESI managing the project development team! 



#WorldRefillDay campaign is run by City to Sea, who are behind the “Refill” app.

City to Sea invited me to add my voice to their campaign and sent me a questionnaire, which I thought I should share here.

10 questions that will unlock the future of the refill revolution this #WorldRefillDay

  1. Tell us about you – who are you and what’s your mission?

My mission is quite simply to get more people wasting less. An important part of this is to help Refill move from niche to mainstream. That’s how I came to join SESI Refill.... Read more > Zero Waste Week - Plastic Free July Month