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Bulk and B2B

Bulk and B2B


If you are buying in large quantity, typically by the wholesale box quantity, we can obtain any of over 5,000 products in the PDF list using the clickable link to BulkList_mth.pdf below.   Search through using the Find function (Ctrl-F or Edit Menu / Find).  The more specific text string you use in Find, the less clicking of 'next' you will need to do to find the item you are looking for. 


Once you have found the item/s you need, note the BULKxxxxxx codes and email these to SESI (inbox@sesi.org.uk) to order.  For orders received on a Thursday we can deliver in Oxford on the following Wednesday evening.  Delivery charge in Oxford is £2.50 waived for orders over £200 but we will take into account any non-bulk items ordered in the waiver of delivery fees.


Pay on delivery or collection by cash or cheque.