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NEWS:  August Closures: The Depot will have reduced hours between 14th and 28th August, opening 10 am to 1 pm on Mondays (18th and 25th).  Last home deliveries will happen on Tuesday 12th until reopening for deliveries on Tuesday 2nd September.  We won't be running markets after Sunday 10th August until September.


BIG NEWS: SESI is applying for funding to greatly expand our reach and range.  We are going to need matched loan funding.  If you would consider investing funds please click  here 'INVEST IN SESI' for more information. 


We are Oxford's longest serving refill station of food products and household detergents. 

We produce our SESI range of laundry and household detergents aiming to be effective, environmental, cheap and refillable.  We also offer refills of some well known products from Bio-D, Ecover and Faith in Nature.

The SESI food depot offers a growing range of fairtrade, organic and local foods.

We exist to help you minimise packaging waste and access the best products at a reasonable price.  We reduce packaging by encouraging customers to bring their bags, bottles and tubs for refill at our depot or at our farmers market stall.


Home page
Home page

All 250 refills and food/household products we hold as depot stock are available to order through this website.  You can download a catalogue of 5000 more! For tips on how to get the best out of this website go to 'More About Ordering'.


Please note we don't take payment when you place an order - pay us on delivery or collection.  We accept cash, cheque or you can now pay by card.